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Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

This course is your access to the DOHC Education Staff. Here you will find resources for Affordable Food and Medication Programs.

This course also provides information on Insulin/Medication Assistance Programs from the top insulin companies.

This is a self-paced, video-based Diabetes Education course, made just for DOHC patients. You can access this course on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Diabetes Education is very beneficial for you!

This course includes a series of short videos of diabetes experts and people like you living with diabetes, with a review and a quiz for every topic. Each lesson should take around 30 minutes to complete.

    Be sure to use the comments section to speak with DOHC Health Professionals

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Alma Gutierrez RN, CDCES
Alma Gutierrez RN, CDCES

Alma is available to respond to your comments between 8AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday.

Alma está disponible para responder a sus comentarios entre las 8 AM y las 5 PM PST de lunes a viernes.

Alma was born in Mexico and has lived in the Coachella Valley for the past 50 years. She graduated from College of the Desert School of Nursing in 1979 and worked in local hospitals before finding her calling in life as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES). She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is proficient in all aspects of diabetes management. She enjoys the challenge and the rewards that come with her career and in her personal life as she cares for her mother who is a stroke survivor. She is married with 3 grown children, multiple grandchildren, and enjoys spending time with all of them.

Alma nació en México y ha vivido en el Valle de Coachella durante los últimos 50 años. Se graduó de el Colegio del Desierto de la Escuela de Enfermería en 1979 y trabajó en hospitales locales antes de encontrar su vocación en la vida como Especialista Certificado en Educación y Atención de la Diabetes (CDCES). Habla Inglés y Español con fluidez y es competente en todos los aspectos del manejo de la diabetes. Ella disfruta el reto y las recompensas que vienen con su carrera y en su vida personal mientras cuida a su madre que es una sobreviviente de un derrame cerebral. Está casada y tiene 3 hijos adultos, múltiples nietos y le gusta pasar tiempo con todos ellos.

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You should feel good about taking our Diabetes Education class. You have taken the first step to a healthier, happier life!

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